Our Partners

We truly believe in the power of collaboration and forging exciting partnerships!


Strawbees is the glue that binds different materials, technologies and different learning tools. We strongly believe in diversity and being inclusive. We are a connector in more ways than one. Therefore we partner up with schools, afterschool programs, non-profit organisations and fellow edtech companies to bring easy-to-use, affordable solutions into the classroom and to home learners that allow every educator to teach STEAM and coding with confidence.


SAM Labs Partnership

SAM Labs and Strawbees have announced a brand new collaboration which brings the STEAM learning experience home with the new hands-on, no-tech STEAM at Home learning packs that do not require the use of technology. Using common maker materials with Strawbees building straws and SAM Labs sourced materials, students are able to complete standard-based activities and prototype independently through extended periods of distance learning. This partnership shows how Strawbees is easy to piece together with other educational products like SAM Labs blocks or combined with recycled materials like cardboard, paper and plastics.

Micro:bit Partnership

Strawbees has launched a brand new Robotic Inventions product that lets you integrate your micro:bit in Strawbees projects and also make them move! Realize your ideas in the physical world in a simple, creative and fast way! Previous teacher training webinars have been co-run between micro:bit and Strawbees and further webinars are scheduled for micro:bit’s ‘Do your :bit 2021’ initiative demonstrating the ‘low and high ceiling’ possibilities when combining these two powerful learning tools.

Saturday Kids Partnership

Saturday Kids and Strawbees share the same mission: to transform every child into a curious, self-directed learner. Singapore’s first coding school for kids, they have taught over 5000 students how to learn through classes in programming, electronics, digital art and design thinking often using Strawbees learning tools since 2012. In addition to awesome holiday camps and weekly classes, they also collaborate with companies like Strawbees and non-profit organisations to create access to digital literacy for less privileged kids. They also run Code in the Community, Singapore’s largest free coding programme for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Learn more about their impact.

Arkki International Partnership

Arkki International and Strawbees closely work together when it comes to new learning pedagogies. Strawbees provides the hands-on physical STEAM and coding kits and Arkki International applies their hands-on architectural, design and spacial thinking. The collaboration has lead to many creative and 'out of the box' projects applied in classroom settings and demonstrated in joint teacher training webinars. The drawing robot is an excellent example of a project where Arkki applies Strawbees products in a creative way. Arkki’s afterschool program in Finland is approved by the Ministry of Education of Finland.  Finland has one of the strongest reputations when it comes to education worldwide. Arkki International programs provide over 2000 hours’ worth of content and a separate Creative Classroom program for school teachers with ready-to-use project plans and a teacher toolkit. In 27 years, Arkki has organized thousands of courses and workshops for more than 25,000 children in more than 50 countries. During COVID lockdown, Arkki launched free projects to support families and made them available in 8 languages. These projects have impacted children from 43 countries. 

Kod Centrum Partnership

Kodcentrum and Strawbees started collaborating together bringing STEAM and coding to life for primary and secondary school students in Sweden. For this, Strawbees has developed a couple of coding and robotics activities such as the ‘Crane Robot’, ‘Industry Robot’ or ‘Arm Prosthesis’ specifically designed for Kodcentrum to apply in their afterschool programs.
Kodcentrum is a non-profit organisation which offers free introduction coding and robotic courses to kids in Sweden. They provide this through Kodstugor, Kodkupor, Barnhack, Lärarkodstugor and Kodboken.se.

UNIC Partnership

In 2018 Strawbees has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with United Nations adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ran several SDG workshops in Ghana, Africa and Bogotá, Colombia. Working with organisations such as UNIC puts Strawbees words into action communicating sustainable thinking and living through their learning tools. Strawbees partnership with UNIC Bogotá enables us to transform the messages into real long-lasting societal change. Strawbees wants to empower kids and give them the learning tools to incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their daily lives.

Chalmers Industrial Technology Partnership

Strawbees is proud to partner with Chalmers Industriteknik. The focus of the research and development is exploring Strawbees material science avenues further including investigating the novel plastic fuser ‘closed-loop’ recycle innovation by Erik Thorstensson, Chief Innovation Officer and inventor behind Strawbees. Chalmers Industriteknik is an independent expert in material science backing up Strawbees material choices scientifically.

NESTE - renewable and circular solutions for plastics

We aim to be leaders in adopting sustainable materials. So we are working with Neste, an industry forerunner in renewable and circular solutions. The aim of our project is to replace the plastic used in our products with materials from renewable sources, bio-based waste and residues. Neste is supporting this transition with their expertise and advising us on how to use Neste RE™-based renewable content into Strawbees products.

Kids Hack Day Partnership

Kids Hack Day and Strawbees partnership take us back to the beginnings - the name of Strawbees was picked by a kid and the product itself was created at one of the very first Kids Hack Days. Kids Hack Day is Strawbees non-profit sister company, collaborating with the likes of UNICEF, Swedish Institute and Folklab, Strawbees tries to be there to support their great initiatives. The latest project was #kidshackthecrisis where kids from more than over 70 countries participated in a 48 hours hackathon working collaboratively on ideas and solutions tackling the current corona pandemic crisis and reimagining a world fit for children.