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Welcome to the playful world of Strawbees!

We’re an award-winning Swedish edtech company here to inspire the next generation of inventors! All kids speak Strawbees, it's the language of creativity. Therefore we say: ‘Let kids create the change our world needs!’ by coding, creative confidence, and hands-on rapid prototyping!

No matter your kids age or ability, our flexible building kits adding coding
help develop complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills on and offline, for fun at home or in the classroom. We are the kids first choice!

That's why we are currently present in over 20’000 schools and 100’000 homes in 40 countries worldwide. Strawbees is on a mission to empower teachers and parents to lead the young people from today into a future that will look radically different!


If you can dream it, you can build it. That’s why Strawbees comes without rules, restrictions or wrong turns. You can use computers, your hands, your initiative, your imagination. You can recycle or upcycle whatever you can get your hands on. Problems may be endless but with Strawbees, possibilities are infinite.

Learning by trying

Learning by doing isn’t good enough. Learning by trying is the future. We believe in developing students’ creative confidence and love of technology so they can make sense of the world and solve new problems. Knowing how to build, explore, test and experiment is vital because breakthroughs don’t come gift-wrapped.

Making connections

Strawbees is the glue that binds technologies, materials and mindsets. We merge the physical with the digital. We introduce students to their potential. We fit any teaching style, objective and budget like a glove. We inspire communities and forge exciting partnerships. We link thought leadership with grassroots endeavours. We bridge today with tomorrow. We are a connector in more ways than one.

The inspiration behind Strawbees

Some words from Erik Thorstensson, Inventor and Co-founder of Strawbees

"The seed of the idea started when I went to India with my recycling machine. I looked at the materials they had available - cardboard, plastic bottles, food packaging and of course drinking straws! I started to make clothespins, a couple of thousands in neon colors, using a very simple pattern. Clothespins in India are very useful, for outdoor solar drying spins. The pupils got excited about their new building tool and started building massive structures with these clothespins. These little connectors proved themselves to be extremely versatile. They could be combined among them and used with multiple materials to build and create, transforming what otherwise would be garbage into a playful (and useful) experience. So that’s what we started out doing at Strawbees, building value in the material and educational value, allowing kids to develop their creativity and invention literacy." says Erik Thorstensson, Inventor and Co-founder of Strawbees.

DIY clothespin was used as a building toy by kids in India

DIY clothespin was used as a building toy by kids in India.

Our story

Invention Phase


  • Erik Thorstensson went to India - made first connectors out of waste materials.
  • Created first prototype with kids at Kids Hack Day.
  • Name picked by 9-year-old kid at Maker Faire New York:
    “They connect straws and can bee anything, and it sounds like Strawberries and everybody loves them!”
  • Founded by Erik Thorstensson and Erik Bergelin after a successful Kickstarter.
  • Awarded 2014 Toy Design of the Year.

Development Phase


  • Awarded for design and potential by Forbes and Fast Company.
  • Acquired sister coding & robotics company Quirkbot.
  • Signed MOU with United Nations adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Pivoted to edtech developing an educational product range.
  • Launched our new technology products, in partnership with BBC micro:bit.

Growth phase


  • Launched Strawbees Classroom, providing free educational resources
  • Won Kids Judge BETT Award at the largest edtech event London, judged by a panel of kids.
  • Won 2022 Nordic EdTech Award recognizing the best Nordic educational technology innovation
  • Appointed Anne-Louise as the new CEO, bringing her extensive experience in digi-physical business models and digital marketing from the mobile operator hallon.

  • Acquisition by the Albert Group, a leading provider of education technology solutions in the Nordics, integrating Strawbees into their digital education offerings.
  • Launch of Strawbees in the UK market

  • Awarded by Education Alliance Finland in innovation, pedagogy, and student engagement.

  • Educator and student resources aligned to ISTE standards, NGSS, NGSS, SDGS, CS, Curriculum for Excellence, National Curriculum UK, and more.