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We support educators to apply for grants to buy STEAM products.

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We support educators to apply for grants to buy STEAM products. If you require tips or help writing a grant application please contact us and we can support you through the process.

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Tips for grant applications

Sam Yancey, one of our Super Ambassadors and a K5 US teacher and STEAM enthusiast, is sharing some helpful grant writing tips to bring more Strawbees to your students. In the last 3 months he won 2 grants for Strawbees, read more on what has worked for him.

Tip 1: Tell your story in a way that speaks to your unique needs/situation!

What social-economic backgrounds do your students come from? What area are your students based-in? E.g. students from rural areas have typically less access to high-quality STEAM educators, resources and the internet. What are the parents’ employment situation, how likely do the parents have the means or support to purchase Strawbees for their child? Do the students have a good place to do work at home?

Tip 2: Why is Strawbees well-suited to the learning needs/standards of this time?

Even when things go back to school post-COVID-19, certain things have changed forever. Teachers need something that students can reuse, build with individually, and even wash in the dishwasher if need be. Sam Yancey for instance made zip lock bags of Strawbees materials for each individual student, counting out an exact number of certain straw lengths and connectors. Students can use their bag, quickly clean up, seal the bag, and no other student has to touch their materials.

Tip 3: How does Strawbees meet the budget of schools/individual accounts right now?

The new STEAM Starter Kit has a lot of straws and connectors, everything arrives pre-cut, and it’s only $20 in the U.S. Grants and companies are looking for a way that they can really multiply their impact. In other words, cost per student is extremely low compared to other STEAM solutions.

Tip 4: How is your idea for a grant really innovative?

Everyone has needs, difficulties, and challenges right now. How does your solution offer something that no one else is thinking of? How is your need greater or more unique?

Tip 5: How will you integrate Strawbees to your curriculum and what is your project timeline?

Many grants, foundations, and companies want to hear and see what you intend and what you actually create with students. Show visual projects/sketchbooks/essays

Tip 6: Go small.

Check if there are there local grants or foundations that are easier to win - go small to increase your chances! Regional or national grants tend to be more competitive and require more writing.

Tip 7: Write several grants!

Increase your chances by writing a few whilst you are at it. Sam Yancey notes that he and other teachers don’t have much time and are stretched thin. But he keeps encouraging them by saying ‘what if you simply won 1 of those grants that you wrote?’. He concludes by quoting ‘you miss all of the shots you never take.’

Happy writing educators!

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