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Improve your STEAM classes with Strawbees Classroom. This amazing online ecosystem offers curriculum-aligned, class-ready lessons and resources, plus teaching guides and development tools for teachers.

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Empowering teachers

We talk a lot about how Strawbees boosts creativity across all age groups and educational needs. Here, you can hear from the teachers instead. Why their students love Strawbees and the many ways they benefit, with some great anecdotes on how Strawbees helps teachers too. Press play!

Keeping kids engaged for a 45-minute remote session is great!


Mrunal Shah
Founder of Sunday Bricks, India

Amazingly, the students led the whole process from A to Z.


Janine Chehade
Music Project Officer, Right To Play, Lebanon

The whole school was curious to see what we were creating!


Sam Yancey
Gifted Ed Teacher, North Carolina, US

Complete STEAM solution bundle

STEAM Classroom Kit with micro:bit

A complete solution for those wanting to combine the physical capabilities of Strawbees with all the coding possibilities of the micro:bit.

Upcoming webinar

Dec 1st, 2021 - Wednesday
3:00 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Host: Andreas Hoel (Strawbees)

Building system

Our building kits include versatile connectors and building straws for bringing ideas to life by rapid prototyping. Ideal for hands-on, screen-free and playful learning.

Coding & Robotics

These coding and robotics sets connect to our building sets. Get ready to add motion, lights and sensors to your projects, or get started on a brand new invention!


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