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Robotic Inventions for micro:bit is out!

Complete STEAM solution bundle

STEAM Classroom Kit with micro:bit

A complete solution for those wanting to combine the physical capabilities of Strawbees with all the coding possibilities of the micro:bit.

Best sellers

Explore our vast range of Learning STEAM kits for 6+ year olds. Great for home and classroom use, our learning systems come with an online learning and coding platform.

Winners Revealed

The winners of Strawbees Global Music Challenge 2021 have been announced! Over 1000 people votes have been cast for the top 5 musical instrument projects built by kids worldwide combining art, engineering, and technology. Watch the virtual award ceremony now! Thanks also to our awesome music partners Soundtrap by Spotify, Mussila, and Jamstik.

🎸🥁🎵 #strawbeesglobalchallenge

Grant Application Help

Check out our selection of US-focused grants. Read some helpful grant writing tips to bring more Strawbees to your students and contact us if you need support through the process!

Building system

Our building kits include versatile connectors and building straws for bringing ideas to life by rapid prototyping. Ideal for hands-on, screen-free and playful learning.

Coding & Robotics

These coding and robotics sets connect to our building sets. Get ready to add motion, lights and sensors to your projects, or get started on a brand new invention!

Strawbees Learning

Our educational approach is inspired by MIT Lifelong Kindergarden’s Creative Learning Spiral. Check out Strawbees Learning. This is our platform for innovative teachers who embrace creative thinking and hands-on experiences. You’ll find downloadable lesson plans, activities and lots of useful support material.

School of Ridiculous Inventions.

Join our inventor and founder in his School of ridiculous inventions!
Not afraid of the 'F' word
Embrace failure, make progress!


Join our online Playinars and future courses to become fully trained in our educational pedagogy. 

Our vision

Let kids create the change our world needs. coding, creative confidence and hands-on rapid prototyping.

Watch a short introduction video about Strawbees

Empowering educators to lead kids from ABC to CCC*

(*) Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Sam Yancey
US teacher & Parent
Strawbees STEAM Ambassador

Shannon Gauger
US Teacher & Parent
Strawbees STEAM Ambassador

Halley Kuncoro
STEM Educator from Indonesia
Strawbees STEAM Ambassador

What parents, teachers and resellers say

The students loved it! It was wonderful watching them fuel-up their imagination and get in touch with their inner engineer.


Easy to use

We purchased several of these kits for my classroom (3rd-5th grade) as part of my ‘Maker Space’ activities. They are great for building creativity and engineering skills, and teamwork. The kids LOVED the Strawbees station!


A definite hit

Our local elementary school made a request for Strawbees after hearing recommendations at a conference she attended, and it now features among lessons with her 500+ (K-5) students.


STEAM is becoming a big program in schools


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