Global Challenge

Join Strawbees greater creative community and participate in this years Music Instrument Challenge!

Are your students ready for this seasons global #strawbeeschallenge?

As an educator join Strawbees greater creative community and participate with your students in this season’s Musical Tinkering Challenge!

Strawbees inventor Erik is on the scout for talent!

Welcome to Strawbees Musical Tinkering Challenge!

From an early age, I experimented with different instruments combining creativity and engineering. At Strawbees we say: ‘Imagination, not instructions!’ Transform your classroom into a music band! Start tinkering and creating your own instruments with your students! How about coming up with something completely new!? Design, program, and engineer your own musical instrument and show off your students work and who knows - win an award!

Wanna let your students shine like rockstars? Then this challenge is for you.

Get inspired by some of our work below.

I look forward to start sharing some rockstar ideas!

Erik Thorstensson,
Inventor of Strawbees

Why join?

Develop 21st century skills

Through coding, design thinking and problem solving, teams can equip themselves with essential 21st century skills.

Teamwork and community spirit

Join Strawbees creative community and share work you are proud of. Our learning tools are made for teamwork, collaboration and perseverance in teams.

Join virtually from anywhere in the world

It's a virtual challenge! Teams complete missions at their own pace and submit results via our online portal.

We love supporting our educators

We are devoted to giving you educators as much technical and content support as possible during the Strawbees Global Challenge. Let’s go on this exciting journey together!

Sign up now to get informed when the registration starts

Educator, sign up now and be the first to know when the registration goes live! Plan is for you to register your team(s) in August. Strawbees challenge will be run between August - December 2020.

Get inspired by Strawbees musical tinkering creations

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Build a STEAM music instrument

Recommended Strawbees Products to enter this music instrument challenge.

For Schools and Large Groups

Great for libraries, after-work school programs, maker spaces and schools who want to register several teams engaging 10-40 students.

Make music with our online app

Plug your instrument to a computer and play different sounds with our app Strawbees Music! It is designed to work with the computer keyboard, so you just need to program your Quirkbot to press keys!

Join our Facebook community and see what others are up to around the world!

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