Submission: Strawbees Global Challenge - Musical Instruments
Well done for coming this far to submit your students/kids video project(s) - we are very curious to see it!
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Quick sum up of the basics...

Important dates

  • Project submission deadline: August 14th 2021 23.59 GMT
  • Winners announcement: September 10th 2021
  • Virtual award ceremony: September 29th 2021

Judging criteria


  • • Ability to think out of of box
  • • Innovative movement & sound
  • • Design concept and prototyping


  • • Recycled materials
  • • Sustainable Development Goals
  • • Feasibility


  • • Project scale and complexity
  • • Division of team roles
  • • Collaboration


  • • Ideating
  • • Playing & Sharing
  • • Trial & Error
  • • Reflecting & Iterating

Video Ground rules

  • • Due to Privacy Policy, Strawbees only accepts video projects submitted not showing faces of students/ kids. Projects will be featured on Strawbees Site for the People's Choice Award. You could, for instance, just film kids hands, demo yourself but have kids' voiceover or add emojis to their faces later.
  • • Due to copyrights, please choose songs which are in the public domain or improvise!
  • • Each video should be around 1 minute long.
  • • Each video file should have at most 20mb.