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First, let's go through the basics...

Who can apply?

The challenge is open for teachers of schools, afterschool programs, non-profit or other independent education organisations, maker spaces, STEM labs, museums and parents worldwide, who can submit projects in 3 different groups. For questions email info@strawbees.com.

  • Group 1: Teacher & students (6-8 years old)
  • Group 2: Teacher & students (9-14 years old)
  • Group 3: Parents & home learners (6-14 years old)

Teachers can submit projects made by teams of up to four students. One teacher can submit multiple projects (but one team can only make one project).

Parents can submit projects made by a family team of one or more children. One parent can only submit one project.

Ground rules

The basic rule is that you need to use Strawbees products in the projects, but we are also inclusive in regarding being combined with other existing learning tools.

Strawbees is easy to piece together with other educational products like the micro:bit or Samlabs blocks and can be also combined with recycled materials like cardboard, paper and plastics. We believe in diversity and collaboration!

Only entries in English are accepted.

Due to projects being featured online, please choose songs which are in the public domain or improvise!

Judging criteria


  • • Ability to think out of of box
  • • Innovative movement & sound
  • • Design concept and prototyping


  • • Recycled materials
  • • Sustainable Development Goals
  • • Feasibility


  • • Project scale and complexity
  • • Division of team roles
  • • Collaboration


  • • Ideating
  • • Playing & Sharing
  • • Trial & Error
  • • Reflecting & Iterating

Important dates

  • Project submission deadline: May 1st 2021 23.59 GMT
  • Winners announcement: June 1st 2021
  • Virtual award ceremony: June 15th 2021
This email will be your main identification throughout the challenge. Later, when you are ready to submit a project, make sure to use the same email!