Frequently asked questions.

Shop questions

Can I pay with a PO (Purchase Order) over the shop?

Of course! You have the option to choose Purchase Order as payment method at checkout. Simply add your PO number to the purchase order field and you receive a purchase invoice from us. We accept Wire-transfers, PayPal and Credit Cards.

Teacher support questions

Where can I find support material for teachers?

Check out Strawbees Learning (learning.strawbees.com) – you’ll find downloadable lesson plans, activities and lots of cool and useful support material.

Can I download lesson plans?

Yes! When you open any lesson plan you can use the print settings on your browser to print out or save a PDF and use in the classroom as a reference.

Do you have building instructions I can download?

Absolutely! All activities have a Downloads section that has the video instructions or blueprints you can download for offline use.

I made something I’m proud of, where can I share it?

We’d love to see anything you create! You can post on our Strawbees Educators Facebook group.

I’m looking for professional development opportunities, do you have any I can take?

Yes! You can sign-up for all opportunities on our professional development page.

Where can I find information about curriculum standards?

You can find more information on the curriculum alignment page.

Does Strawbees support a particular learning pedagogy?

For our lesson plans we base our pedagogy on the research by Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab called ‘the Creative Learning Spiral’: Imagine, Create, Play, Share, Reflect. Learn more about Strawbees Learning and the Creative Learning Spiral here.

Does Strawbees offer workshops?

Yes! You can tune into our general introductory workshops online for free. If you’re an educator, email us at educator@strawbees.com to find out when the next one is or to schedule one with us. For resellers, email sales@strawbees.com to book a ‘Strawbees Sales Training online’.

How do I use Strawbees in the classroom?

When kids can physically build and try out their own ideas, it boosts their creative confidence – and that’s what Strawbees is all about. Infinitely flexible and designed for all ages and abilities, you can use Strawbees to help kids develop their imaginations or help them achieve competency-based goals. We’re here to empower kids’ lifelong curiosity.


Are your straws like regular drinking straws?

Our building straws are custom-made, durable, and reusable designed to be used over and over again. When you finish building, you can disassemble, and begin a new project. All materials are made from non-toxic, polypropylene (PP) and are 100% recyclable plastic.

Is recycling important to Strawbees?

Super important. Help us spread the word! Watch our videos on how to transform waste materials into usable building blocks; understanding manufacturing and waste management; learning about material properties and prototype solutions for environmental issues; and how to integrate sustainable practices. Check out our Cardboard School Kit and Hovercraft too. Those encourage kids to get creative with cardboard, upcycle and recycled materials. And our Sustainability Kit is where you can physically create your own Strawbees using household waste. Email us at recycle@strawbees.com to find out more.

Coding questions

Where can I program my Quirkbot?

If you use Windows or Mac, download the Strawbees CODE app. If you use a Chromebook you can program directly at code.strawbees.com, just be sure to first install the Strawbees CODE Helper extension from the Chrome WebStore.

What programming languages can I use with the Quirkbot?

You can choose from:

  • Block (with MIT's Scratch Blocks)
  • Flow (node-based visual programming)
  • Text (C++ Arduino-compatible)
Can I program the Quirkbot offline?

Yes, if you are on Windows or Mac and is using the offline Strawbees CODE app (download it here). If you are using a Chromebook, you will still need an internet connection.

Is it possible to program the Quirkbot with an iPad or a tablet?

Unfortunately no. iPads and tablets don't offer the serial support needed to communicate with the Quirkbot. Even if you use the "camera connection kit" cable or a USB-Go adapter, it won't work for programming - however if the Quirkbot is already programmed with key press functionality, it will be recognized as a keyboard, so you could at least use it as an input device.

General questions

What age is Strawbees suited for?

While we encourage all ages to engage in creative thinking experiences, our target age range begins at age 6 and aims up to age 16 with our content on Strawbees Learning.

I saw a picture/video of a Strawbees and want to build it! How do I do it?

All of our building models shown are made with 4 color-coded connectors and precut straws with 5 different lengths making it easier to look at a picture or follow along in video instructions. In the Activities, you can also look at video step-by-step instructions or blueprints.

I have a kit with white Strawbees connectors and full-length straws that aren’t precut which is different than what I see on the Learning platform. What can I do?

If you happen to have only one size of straws you can print a straw measurer PDF and cut to the exact same sizes as we designed. You can find more information on our How to Use White Connectors and Same Length Straws page.

Can I join your affiliate program?

If you want to get behind our mission to ‘Let kids create!’ then we want to hear from you. As well as earning a commission, you’ll get plenty of cool collaborative opportunities plus lots of oine activity to get involved with too. Sound good? Email us at marketing@strawbees.com and get signed up.

I want to organize a Kids Hack Day, what should I do?

You do? You’re awesome. Check out the Kids Hack Day page for organizer – they can help you organize a free Kids Hack Day in your city. Good luck and keep hacking!

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