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New expectations on what students need to learn creates opportunities for schools and teachers to change the way they teach. Strawbees is currently supporting teachers in 40.000 schools in 50 countries offering a creative and fun-filled experience learning about technology and innovation.

Programming Learning Platform


We, teachers and students alike, can learn almost anything. The key to being able to overcome learning challenges is to really want to conquer something new. This incentive is best created by someone’s own clear vision of what they wish to achieve (change, make, explore). This is why one of our most important tasks is to help all students believe in their own ideas and DREAM BIG.

We encourage questions and suggestions, and support everyone to try out their ideas. Strawbees connectors provide an easy, quick and inexpensive way for instant prototyping which enables students to try out new ideas again and again. We facilitate building while dreaming. A pyramid can become a completely different shape by simply cutting one of its construction straws. We get ideas, discover how one thing leads to another and learn - all while creating, individually or together.

Using our hands is key to developing our nervous system and problem solving skills. What we learn from tinkering, putting things together, taking them apart - investigating real life 3D structures - is helpful to us in almost all aspects of life.


“Invention literacy is the ability to read and write human made stuff, from toasters to apps.”

How could we “read and write human made stuff”? Jay Silver who first introduced this concept shares our view of us being able to cultivate our ability to look at objects or computer programs, grasp what they are about - and train ourselves to gradually be able to come up with new ideas, invent, with more ease as we gain experience.

Inventors don't perform magic. Once we are familiar with the basic building blocks of invention, such as understanding mechanisms, movement, construction, design, electronics, programming and whatever else is relevant to the object we need to write - then we can put these blocks together in new, innovative ways. Much like building blocks such as vocabulary, grammar, spelling and sounds help us understand what we read and organise our texts to make sense when we write.


What we do not recognise, are not used to or do not feel confident doing sometimes feels scary. This is normal. What can we do to dare to step into new directions anyway? Even the smallest thing that we recognise may help. Almost all teachers and students are familiar with construction straws and cardboard. Perhaps you have not yet used them to realise your dreams.

Using familiar tools and materials often lowers the threshold and get people into the new game. We learn more when we are not certain about what is going to happen. What is more exciting to your students than experiments when not even you, the teacher know what to expect?


One of the most effective ways of inspiring students is for the teacher to reveal his or her own mishaps, or silly outcomes. There are not really any failures, only learning opportunities. Ask what happened, or what didn’t happen? Have a laugh. Some of the most treasured inventions in human history are the results of “mistakes.”


Strawbees uses both software (our intuitive online development environment) and hardware (our unique Quirkbot circuit board) to explain how computers and robots work and let you control and impact the real world outside of your computer.

We provide an intuitive first introduction to programming, as well as infinite opportunities for gradually building more advanced projects using an electronics platform fulfilling a standard loved and tested by millions of people who use electronics for real-world applicable projects across the globe. In our online tutorials, course and lesson plans we show you how!

The Strawbees Learning Platform provides several different approaches and programming languages, as well as compatibility with a full scale professional development environment for advanced users to create any project and employ it anywhere.

“The students loved it. It was great to see them fuelling their imagination and inner engineer.”
- Ashley Waring, STEM educator, Alabama, USA

The Strawbees Educational team puts a lot of effort into investigating and exploring the full potential of learning together with researchers in neuroscience, behavioural psychology and teaching - all in close cooperation with teachers and students all over the world.

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