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Retail kits

  • Strawbees Pocketful of Ideas

    Pocketful of Ideas [Vintage – 90 cards]

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  • Strawbees Maker STEAM Kit

    Maker Kit

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  • Strawbees Inventor STEAM Kit

    Inventor Kit

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  • Strawbees Imagination STEAM Kit

    Imagination Kit

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  • Strawbees Creature Creator STEAM Kit

    Creature Kit

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  • Strawbees Crazy Scientist STEAM Kit

    Crazy Scientist Kit

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  • Strawbees Coding and Robotics kit

    Coding & Robotics kit

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Education kits

  • Strawbees STEAM School Kit

    STEAM School kit

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  • Strawbees Infinite Kit

    Infinite Kit

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  • Strawbees Cardboard School kit

    Cardboard School Kit

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  • Strawbees Coding Robotics STEAM School kit

    Coding & Robotics School Kit

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Education Bundles

  • Sale! Strawbees-classroom-STEAM-and-robotics-kit

    Classroom STEAM and Robotics Kit

    $1,435.00 $1,250.00
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  • Sale! Strawbees-classroom-upcycle-station

    Classroom Upcycle Station

    $1,930.00 $1,650.00
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  • Sale! Strawbees-School-district-STEAM-and-robotics

    School Distric STEAM and Robotics Kit

    $7,175.00 $5,750.00
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Other products

  • Sale! Strawbees Coding Robotics STEAM Kit

    Coding & Robotics Kit [Discontinued]

    $99.99 $84.99
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  • red-cs-2-2500

    STEAM School kit [Vintage]

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  • Coding & Robotics Bundle of 10 white back

    Coding & Robotics School Bundle (x12) [Discontinued]

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Parts & Components

  • Strawbees Infinite kit die

    Infinite Kit – Dies

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  • Strawbees-Quirkbot


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  • Strawbees-LEDS

    LEDs (x20)

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  • Sale! Strawbees Servo Motor

    Servo Motor

    $12.50 $10.00
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  • Sale! Strawbees Continuous rotation motor

    Rotation Motor

    $12.50 $10.00
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  • Strawbees Construction pipes

    Construction pipes

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  • Strawbees-Light-Sensors

    Light Sensors (x5)

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  • Strawbees-Alligator-cables

    Alligator Cables (x6)

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  • Strawbees-Screwdriver

    Mini screwdriver

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  • Strawbees Hovercraft kit

    Hovercraft Kit [Pre-order]

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