School & large groups STEAM kits

Designed for engaging cross-curricular lessons, packed full of fun activities and helpful assessment tools all to be adapted to your specific classroom needs. Creative and collaborative learning in all classrooms, libraries and afterschool programs. Flexible group sizes for engaging 10-40 students.

Bundle it!

Build + Code = Play!

Already a micro:bit user and want to tap into the physical world? Now you can combine both systems by simply getting Strawbees ‘Robotic Inventions’ for the micro:bit. This will allow you to add movement to your projects!


Up your game with your existing Strawbees kit by racing trash with the fastest recycled toy - the Hovercraft! By exercising your mind with the 100+ challenges of the Pocketful of Ideas. Or by physically creating your own Strawbees using household waste with our Sustainability station!

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