STEAM Kits for 9–16+ year-olds

Coding and robotics kits to teach 9–, 10–, 11–, 12–, 13–, 14–, 15– and 16–year-olds science, technology, engineering, arts and maths by coding, creativity and hands-on prototyping.

Race your trash!

Fastest recycled toy - build, race, crash, repeat! Construct and drive a hovercraft like a vehicle yet gliding on a cushion of air.

Coding with Quirkbot

The Quirkbot is designed by Strawbees and fits perfectly with our building system. You can code it in 3 programming languages using our offline editor Strawbees CODE.

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Coding with micro:bit

Are you a micro:bit user? Tap into the physical world by using Strawbees Robotic Inventions, an add-on clip to integrate your micro:bit chip in Strawbees projects. Get your ideas out of your minds into the physical world in a simple, creative and fast way!

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