Sales Reps

We are on the scout for the next top 10 sales reps joining the team!

Will you be the next rising sales rep superstar? 

Strawbees is on the scout for the next top10 sales reps joining the team!


Work with us

We are excited to onboard you to the Strawbees team, and hope that this is the start of a great relationship. Strawbees is present in over 20k schools and 100k homes around the world, and we are just getting started. The demand for world-class STEAM products is extremely high, both in schools, and at home, and with your help, we will make sure that kids around the world can develop their creative and problem-solving skills with Strawbees products.


We are on the lookout for someone…

  • Who loves to sell, and has a network of schools, school districts, retailers or direct sales contacts.
  • Who is engaged in child development and education.

How this will work

The only thing you need to focus on is to sell and create relationships. We take care of inventory, shipping (dropshipping) & invoicing. Every month, you will get paid a commission of what you have sold to your PayPal or Bank account. The commission depends on how much you sell, and how much discount you give to your customers (you will receive the salary calculator when you have finished your onboarding).

To begin with, we will have 10 stars joining the team, and we hope that you are one of them. If you excel, the role can hopefully be permanent with a fixed + variable salary model in the future.


Sales rep onboarding

Great that you want to join us - let’s get you started!

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