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The Strawbees solution puts programming in a context and helps students of all ages understand what programming is for and how we can use it to impact the world. By combining computers, electronics and construction we can create with a purpose which makes the process engaging and fun!



Let’s first talk about what programming is, and then why is it so powerful to pair it with making physical objects. Our intuitive approach to programming is built on a straight forward definition:

“Programming is a way to frame and express a problem in such a way that we can use a computer to help us solve it.”

We’ll use ourselves and how we function as a staring point.

How can we receive input and information from our surroundings?

We use our senses. We can see a friend’s face, hear encouraging words, feel someone hugging us. Let’s call all of this INPUT.

How do you and your friends communicate and impact the world?

You can use your hands to write an email, or a book, wave at someone from a distance, sing, shout, clap your hands or snap your fingers. Let’s call all of these OUTPUT.

How do we select the appropriate response to a certain stimuli?

Believe it or not, between our very ears, inside a great protective container (our scull) we have the most advanced and powerful processor the world has ever seen. Our BRAINS are more advanced and more efficient than any computer ever made. Our nervous system helps us ANALYSE sensory and data input in order to select an appropriate reaction.

This is how computers and circuit boards like our Quirkbots work too

The Quirkbot circuits boards offer infinite opportunities for learning, exploring and inventing. Our unique way of introducing flow programming is based on presenting different ways of giving INPUT to your Quirkbot in order for it to communicate back through OUTPUT such as servo motors, LEDs - or any other additional piece of electronics that you like.

“The Strawbees solution empowers students to cultivate creativity and an intuitive and fun approach to programming that works for all ages.”

- Paola Mattioli, STEM educator, Rome, Italy