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To foster lifelong learning opportunities for teachers through our Strawbees Education offering.

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Driven by curiosity, we write with enthusiasm for what Strawbees can offer teachers and students of every age, aim, and ability: creative thinking skills!

Welcome educators!

— My name is Lindsay, I’m a maker educator, artist, and learning designer with 10 years experience running programs. We want to provide teachers with opportunities to lift barriers to learning technologies and new instructional methods using Strawbees.

Our programs help provide support, strengthen practice and skills with hands-on learning materials to increase the quality of teaching, ultimately for improving student learning to become creative thinkers.

Read more here about how we work with teachers and educators.

Let’s inspire, learn and play together!

Lindsay Balfour
Learning and Community at Strawbees


 Watch out for the upcoming online playinars with Strawbees and our partners.

ArtBots and Architecture

August 20th 2020, Thursday
10 am EDT (New York) / 4 pm CEST (Sweden) / 5 pm EEST (Finland)
Educators: Arkki - School of Architecture for Children and Youth, Lindsay Balfour

Stay tuned for more to be scheduled!

Upcoming Classes

Classes are multiple playinar sessions following a theme. Build projects and creative confidence together! Signing up means you sign-up for all playinar sessions. You can sign-up and join even after the class starts!

City Building and the SDGs

Wednesdays: August 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th
9 am EDT (New York) / 3 pm CEST (Sweden) / 9 pm CST (Taipei)

Design a city around different scenarios such as geographic location, population growth, conservation, preservation, or prevention against natural disasters. Learn how to implement concepts of sustainability into a city’s development with the United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Educators: James Chen, Erik Thorstensson, Lindsay Balfour

Previous playinars

Missed any of our playinars? Watch the recordings and download resources here!

Ideas with Strawbees + micro:bit 

In this playinar with Katie Henry from the Micro:bit Education Foundation and Lindsay from Strawbees are giving an introduction to micro:bit & Strawbees using the brand new Robotic Inventions board for physical computing.

Strawbees + Makey Makey Mashup

Watch our hands-on playinar 'Makey Makey + Strawbees Mashup' - it was epic! We found the #RoundtheWorld_ChainReaction Challenge to be a great encouragement to keep learning through play at home. It's also a fun way to connect your ideas with the global community! So grab your Makey Makey, a Strawbees set, and some household materials and join our silly and fun chain reactions below!

Storytelling with micro:bit and Strawbees

Watch our hands-on playinar 'Storytelling with micro:bit + Strawbees'. We want to encourage educators to keep learning through play at home. Bring your micro:bit and Strawbees and anything you have to make a friend(bot) together!

Engeneering with paper

Watch our hands-on Playniar 'Engineering with Paper' by creators Godwyn Morris, Paula Frisch, and Lindsay Balfour. The techniques presented give students foundational engineering skills to use for design thinking and engineering challenges. Have paper, tape, scissors, Strawbees, and straws handy to join us for some Engineering with Paper adventures.

Previous teacher conference

Strawbees was part of the digital T4 Conference. T4 brings together teachers from around the world for this unique virtual event to share their stories and experiences. Learning about teacher well-being, teacher leadership, teacher technology, and teacher collaboration.

The New Normal - Education Post COVID-19

May 30th, 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT/7 pm CEST

A free global online conference - led by teachers, for teachers.

T4 brings together teachers from around the world for this unique virtual event to share their stories and experiences.


  • Teacher well-being
  • Teacher leadership
  • Teacher technology
  • Teacher collaboration

Strawbees Learning

Strawbees applies MIT Lifelong Kindergarden’s Creative Learning Spiral Pedagogy. Check out Strawbees Learning, a platform for innovative teachers who embrace creative thinking and hands-on learning. You’ll find downloadable lesson plans, activities and lots of useful support material.


Online course

Sign-up to take a guided course when launched with the Strawbees Education team and dive into deeper experiences individually or together as a teacher team in your learning environment!

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