Strawbees Classroom Experiences: Bridges
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Strawbees Classroom Experience: Bridges – preorder now! ETA 5. May


Construct bridges using a small truss design, learn how to strengthen structures by triangulation, and design an environment where your bridge can stand. Ideal for collaborative projects, students can use Strawbees Classroom Experience thematic kits to combine projects with other students to meet challenges and expand construction builds together as a class.

Contains 22 individually packaged kits including 20 student kits plus a teacher kit for building models ahead of time, and one spare part kit.

Value Proposition

Developed with UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as standards for lessons and activities. Learning collaboration as part of the experience by combining individual student kits together to make large structures.

Great for: School Classrooms

Age range: Ages 9-14

Grade in US schools: 4-9th grade

Box includes 22 kits

Total pieces included:

  • 748 x 1-legged connectors
  • 220 x 2-leg connectors
  • 528 x 3-leg connectors
  • 572 x Blue construction pipes
  • 88 x Green construction pipes
  • 44 x Pink construction pipes
  • 110 x Orange construction pipes
  • 44 x Yellow construction pipes
  • 2 x Posters