STEAM Classroom Robotics – micro:bit (Not Included)

The complete building + coding solution for your class including Strawbees Classroom digital lessons, using the Robotics board to add robotic capabilities to Strawbees projects for the micro:bit.

This bundle doesn’t include micro:bits. A bundle with micro:bits is available.

  • 1-year access to Strawbees Classroom for one teacher
  • Full building & coding solution (no micro:bits included)
  • 100+ challenge cards
  • Storage solution

USD $1,395.00

  • Education Alliance Finland Certified 2022
  • Curriculum-Aligned Lessons

STEAM Classroom Robotics – micro:bit (Not Included)

Bundle Includes:

1-year access to Strawbees Classroom for one teacher – start exploring Strawbees Classroom, our digital platform made for teachers, by teachers. Our curriculum-aligned, class-ready lessons help teachers quickly and easily to get started.

STEAM School Kit – our most massive building set providing over 4000 pieces enough for an entire classroom of students. The building set comes with 5 different precut straw sizes and 4 color-coded connectors for scaling project sizes from miniature to building structures taller than you. This kit arrives as a storage box with pull-out material trays to get started building. Comes with the Pocketful of Ideas card deck with 100+ challenges to stay inspired.

2 × Robotic Inventions for micro:bit – 10 Pack (note: this bundle does not include micro:bits) – include your existing classroom set of micro:bits with the Robotic Inventions board for adding robotic capabilities. The Robotics board includes 2 RGB LEDs and attaches up to 3 servo motors to any Strawbees building project.

Write in Microsoft MakeCode’s block-based programming platform, upload a program and remove it from the computer to run on batteries.

Age and grade

Ages 8-14
Grade in US schools: 3rd-9th grade

Number of students

Up to 30 students

Great for

Afterschool programs
Summer Camps

Number of pieces


Key Features

Save time – Strawbees Classroom, the ready-to-go teaching platform is curriculum-aligned and loaded with inspiration. More time teaching. Less time prepping.

Play and Program Hardware – using Strawbees Robotic inventions for the micro:bit, each of its LEDs can be individually programmed as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer, and Bluetooth Smart Technology.

Full STEAM Ahead – everything you need for a well-rounded science, technology, engineering, art, and math experience in making and creating your projects.

Build creative thinking skills and invent anything you can imagine.

Storage Solution – organized drawers by piece and color ready to be placed out on the table for a lesson or workshop setting and an easy material management system.

Up to 30 students – there is enough classroom material for each student to come up with their unique solution to a problem and help develop their creative confidence.

Different lengths & color-coded pieces – there are 4 types of connectors and 5 different cut straw lengths cut all color-coded making it easy to follow the activity instructions.

Make physical and mechanical inventions with the micro:bit.

Physical Computing – extend programming to the physical world beyond the computer screen by creating interactive projects with the Strawbees building system.

Electronic Building Set – all electronics easily connect to Strawbees connectors and straws.

All materials are custom-made, durable, and reusable – finish building, disassemble and begin a new project.

What's included?


  • 1-year access to a license for one teacher
  • Curriculum-aligned lessons (Common Core ELA, Common Core Mathematics, NGSS, SDGs)
  • Activities
  • Explorations
  • Student-facing resources
  • Recorded webinars
  • Regular run onboarding webinars
  • Onboarding videos
  • Supporting articles
  • Strawbees Classroom walk-through webinars
  • More questions? Go to FAQ

STEAM School Kit

  • Connectors – 1-leg Blue × 1024
  • Connectors – 2-leg Yellow × 512
  • Connectors – 3-leg Green × 512
  • Connectors – 5-leg Red × 256
  • Building straws – 240mm Blue × 512
  • Building straws – 205mm Green × 360
  • Building straws – 112mm Pink × 512
  • Building straws – 80mm Orange × 256
  • Building straws – 48mm Yellow × 256
  • Clips × 160
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck × 1
  • Posters × 2

2 × Robotics Inventions for the micro:bit – 10 Pack

  • Strawbees Robotics boards for micro:bit × 20
  • Strawbees clip for micro:bit × 20
  • Servo motors 120 (SM-S2309S) × 20
  • Servo motor mounts white × 40
  • Servo motor arms × 60
  • Screws for servo mounts and arms × 60
  • Mini screwdrivers × 20
  • Servo extension cables × 20
  • Eyes × 40
  • Eye sticker sheet × 20
  • Sneaker shoes × 40
  • Poster × 2
  • Free access to the official Strawbees MakeCode extension

This bundle does not include the micro:bit, USB cable, or batteries.

Program with MakeCode

We designed our own official MakeCode extension to make it easy to program the micro:bit with Strawbees.

To install it, search for “strawbees” in the extensions section of the code editor.

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STEAM Classroom Robotics – micro:bit (Not Included)

USD $1,395.00

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