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Robotic Inventions for the micro:bit add-on kit – 10 pack – preorder now! ETA July


This kit is to snap the micro:bit with physical Strawbees constructions and programming mechanical structures with servo motors. A way to create physical interaction with your next project!

This is an add-on for the micro:bit designed to be bundled with Strawbees products.

Can be purchased as a stand alone product.

*This does not include the micro:bit, USB cable, or batteries.

As an add-on kit, this requires the purchase of the STEAM school kit, Classroom Experience: Bridges kit, or Crazy Scientist kit for building with construction pipes and connectors.

Age range: 9-14

Grade in US schools: 4-9th grade

Value Proposition

Make physical and mechanical inventions move with Micro:bit. Expands and adds value to the existing micro:bit experience. Extend programming to the physical world beyond blinking lights and buttons. Making moving servo motors without using breadboards.

10 pack
Total pieces included:

10 x Strawbees connector board
10 x Strawbees Micro:bit clip
10 x Servo motor 120 (SM-S2309S)
20 x Servo motor mount white
10 x Servo motor arm 2 legs white
10 x Servo motor arm 1 leg white
10 x Servo motor arm no legs white
30 x Screws for servo mounts and arms
10 x Mini screwdriver blue
10 x Servo extension cable
10 x Alligator clip cable red
10 x Alligator clip cable black