Robotic Inventions for micro:bit ETA July

$29.00 $21.90

This kit is to snap the micro:bit with physical Strawbees constructions and programming mechanical structures with servo motors. Away to create physical interaction with yournext project!

This is an add-on for the micro:bit designed to be bundled with Strawbees products.

Can be purchased as a stand alone product.

Value Proposition

Make physical and mechanical inventions with Microbit. Expands and adds value to the exisiting Microbit experience. Extend programming to the physical world beyond blinking lights and buttons. Making moving servo motors without using breadboards.

Single pack:


1 x Strawbees connector board
1 x Strawbees Micro:bit clip
1 x Servo motor 120 (SM-S2309S)
2 x Servo motor mount white
1 x Servo motor arm
2 legs white
1 x Servo motor arm
1 leg white 1 x Servo motor arm no legs white
3 x Screws for servo mounts and arms
1 x Mini screwdriver blue
1 x Servo extension cable
1 x Alligator clip cable red
1 x Alligator clip cable black


*This does not include the micro:bit, USB cable, or batteries.

As an add-on kit, this requires the purchase of the STEAM school kit, Classroom Experience: Bridges, or Crazy Scientist kit for building with construction pipes and connectors.

Age range: 9-14

Grade in US schools: 4-9th grade

*Shipping: This preorder gets delivered in July. Feel free to check in with