Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck

Stimulate your imagination with story-based challenges!

  • 100+ challenge cards
  • Add-on for any kit
  • 2 card deck types

USD $14.90

  • Education Alliance Finland Certified 2022
  • Curriculum-Aligned Lessons
  • Includes Strawbees Classroom Free Trial

Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck

There are over 100 challenges broken down into two deck types! The Inventor deck gives simple inspiration while the Crazy Inventor deck is a story with a problem that you solve.

Pick a card and create something by drawing, building with Strawbees, or adding any material you can find. Construct a new home for your pet fish or build a submarine as solutions to the story!

Add this card deck to other Strawbees kits.

Age and grade

All ages
US Schools: all grades

Number of students

25+ students

Great for

Afterschool programs
School Classrooms
Science Centers
Summer Camps

Number of pieces

105 cards

Key Features

Two Levels – two card decks, two types of challenges for different levels of engagement.

100+ Challenges, Endless Solutions – no instructions opens up to developing problem-solving skills.

Creative Thinking skills – see a problem from a new perspective and find new ways to solve a challenge by making multiple solutions.

What's included?

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Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck

USD $14.90

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