Imagination Kit

Imagine, Sketch, and Make!

Give students the opportunity to BE the creators with the Imagination Kit.

  • Imagination Introduction poster
  • Color-coded pieces
  • Add-on pieces such as clips, eyes, sneaker shoes and duck feet
  • 100+ challenge cards

USD $89.00

  • Education Alliance Finland Certified 2022
  • Curriculum-Aligned Lessons

Imagination Kit

Practice storytelling and problem-solving with the Imagination Kit. Pick a challenge, sketch your idea, make a prototype, test, reflect and improve – repeat!

For inspiration, check out projects shared by teachers on our #strawbeeschallenge page.

Create a machine to catch ideas, a new secret alphabet, a robotic version of yourself, or a pollution-fighting device. Discover these and more with 100+ challenges in the card deck!

Age and grade

Age 6-14
US Schools: all grades

Number of students

1-3 students

Great for

Afterschool programs
School Classrooms
Summer Camps

Number of pieces


Key Features

Different Ways to Create – sketch, write, or build your ideas.

Two Levels – two card decks, two types of challenges for different levels of engagement.

100+ Challenges, Endless Solutions – no instructions but let the student be the inventor.

Creative Thinking Skills – see a problem from a new perspective and find new ways to solve a challenge by making multiple solutions.

All materials are custom-made, durable, and reusable – finish building, disassemble, and begin a new project.

#strawbeeschallenge  – enter the monthly #strawbeeschallenge and win a prize, learn more.

What's included?

  • Building straws – 240mm Blue × 50
  • Building straws – 205mm Green × 50
  • Building straws – 112mm Pink × 60
  • Building straws – 80mm Orange × 72
  • Building straws – 48mm Yellow × 42
  • Connectors – 1-leg Blue × 74
  • Connectors – 2-leg Yellow × 40
  • Connectors – 3-leg Green × 50
  • Connectors – 5-leg Red × 26
  • Clips × 16
  • Eyes with clips × 4
  • Eye sticker sheet × 1
  • Sneaker shoe × 2
  • Duck feet × 2
  • Poster × 1
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck × 1

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Build the Platonic Solids

Imagination Kit

USD $89.00

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