Classroom Upcycle Station including: 1x STEAM Strawbees School Kit/ 1x Cardboard School Kit/ 1x Coding & Robotics School Kit (12 Quirkbots)/ 1x Infinite Kit

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The Strawbees Classroom Upcycle Station is a product that envisions what Strawbees is all about; Creativity, recycling/upcycling, engineering, process and programming.
Create a full upcycle production line in the classroom, science centre or maker space to turn your waste into Strawbees creation and interactive robots.


  • 1x STEAM Strawbees School Kit
  • 1x Cardboard School Kit
  • 1x Coding & Robotics School Kit (12 Quirkbots)
  • 1x Infinite Kit

Product Description

Strawbees up-cycling robot factory is focused on environmental studies, creativity, engineering and programming. The pupils are encouraged to re-use material that would otherwise be thrown away, to understand how sustainable production and optimize resourse usage can reduce the impact on global warming.  In sum, the curriculum that comes with the Strawbees’ products teaches environmental studies (re- and up-cycling), maths, geometry, mechanics, engineering and programming, to teach pupils the 21st century skills.


Step 1 – Sustainable production, environment and re-cycling

The first step of the process is to set up the up-cycling robot factory assembly line in the School, and ensuring that kids collect waste material that can be upcycled to the Strawbees connectors


Step 2 – Creating the Strawbees connectors, and building / learning sessions

In step 2, the kids will create the Strawbees connectors from the waste material they have found at home, or if any close by factory have thin plastic as waste material. This block also includes building sessions where kids will experience and learn creativity, maths, engineering and mechanics.


Step 3 – Learning programming & robotics, applied on the Strawbees construction

In step three the goal is for kids to learn about technology, programming and robotics. They will learn why programming is vital for the future, how to code light and movement, as well as learning about inputs (light sensors, touch sensors, wave, etc.) and outputs (movement through servo motors, and light). They will apply all this knowledge on their created structures (i.e make the robot react to light, or make the bridge open with touch sensors, etc.).

*Please note sustainability kit delivery time except for the US is 2-3 weeks.