Winning #KidsJudgeBETT 2020 award in London

Kids are at the heart of everything we do, so it was a gigantic honor to win the ‘Kids Judge #BETT2020 Awards‘!‬‬‬‬

The Kids Judges at BETT, largest edtech event, London, UK

Kids are at the heart of everything we do, therefore it could not be a bigger honor to have won the ‘Kids Judge #BETT2020 Awards‘ – join us, be a creative rebel!! Together we break down walls between education and creativity. We facilitated both the Mechanical arm and Robot Racer workshops to two school groups. Proud moment for our incredibly hard-working Strawbees Team, kids truly believe in our mission: ‘Let kids create!’ This is a great round off to @BETT London – thank you all!!

#kidsjudgeBETT Award banner made by the Kids Judging Panel

Kids Judge Bett Awards presented by Katy Potts, Computer and Online Safety Lean for Children’s Services, Islington

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