For Summer Learning Camps

School’s Out, But The Learning Continues!

Are you leading a summer camp experience through online learning? We encourage lifelong learning opportunities at home and have activities and materials for you to get started with Strawbees to help prepare you for this Strawbees-filled fun summer camp experience.

Whether you have a full week dedicated to Strawbees or just an hour, here are some activities to help structure ideas, make a game and even encourage play outside!

Activities Booklet

Download and print your own sketchbook, learn about animals, plants and nature by answering some interesting questions, doing drawings, taking notes and making an octopus, flowers, insects and more! Start making with our Creature Creator Kit.
P.S. Weather permitting - you can even do this outdoors!!

Summer activities

Summer is all about play and fun - indoors and outdoors! Want to build and fly a kit? Create your own game with your self-built catapult or get together with friends and family for a robot race on a rainy day? Then these activities are for you!

Sierpinski Kite

Create a high-flying kite made of small, modular pyramid shapes using the Sierpinski Pyramid activity.


Launch a projectile across the room with a Strawbees catapult.

Robot Racer

Build a robot that walks and then try to make it run.

Recommended kits for summer camps

Coding and Robotics Kit - If you want to score high with 10+ year olds - the Coding and Robotic Kits will get them enthused for sure - building robots from scratch..!

Imagination Kit - For summer activities at home the Imagination Kit gives you tons of options to build a kite, use the challenge cards or invent your own catapult game to name a few!

Crazy Scientist Kit - If you are a small summer camp group of 3-12 the Crazy Scientist Kit allows you to build a lot of fun activities, including the catapult and kites!

Creature Creator Kit - For the little makers the Creature Creator Kit is a fun and playful way of learning about and making insects, flowers and animals outdoors, download and print the sketchbook that comes for free!

Challenge-Based Making

To keep the creative momentum going the Pockeful of Ideas Card Deck has 100 open-ended challenges broken down into two deck types! Pick a card and create something by drawing, building with Strawbees, or adding any material you can find.

The Inventor deck gives simple inspiration while the Crazy Inventor deck is a story with a problem that you solve.

To prepare for summer camps

Many of our kits have different colors of straws and connectors and on the Learning Platform there are different types of pieces from our large classroom school kits. Our instructions for the activities has been published using the color-coded connectors and precut straws because it’s easier to identify the parts of the model. 

To support distance learning opportunities we have individual, smaller versions of the school kits, but they have different colors of connectors and straw sizes.

You may need to prepare a building set of your own sizes, but the good news is that you will have the same color throughout the structure. You can use the Straw Measurer to cut your own set of precut straws to match.

Virtual summer camp for your curious preschooler

We’ve partnered with MarcoPolo to give you 7 days free access and 30% discount to their award-winning early learning program. Their new summer camp includes weekly themes with plenty for your child to do every day online, offline, independently, indoors and out. Keep curious minds busy with video lessons, hands-on activities, and exciting games featured daily in the MarcoPolo World School App.

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