For Summer Learning Camps

School’s Out, But The Learning Continues!

Are you leading a summer camp experience through online learning? We encourage lifelong learning opportunities at home and have activities and materials for you to get started with Strawbees to help prepare you for this Strawbees-filled fun summer camp experience.

Whether you have a full week dedicated to Strawbees or just an hour, here are some activities to help structure ideas, make a game and even encourage play outside!

Ages 6+

Adventures for little inventors

Ages 8+

Outdoor large group activities

Sierpinski Kite

Learn about the kite throughout history and the experiments made from the hands of many inventors.

Build a Roller Coaster

Build a track for a ping pong ball to roll up and down.

Construct a
Sierpinski Pyramid

Construct a modular, fractal structure with tetrahedral shapes.

Truss bridge

Build a truss bridge and use your hands to understand structural integrity.

Ages 8+

Outdoor large group activities

Lightup wearables

Create a portable, light-up device to wear on your body.

Micro:bit draw bridge

Make a moving bridge shift up and down for boats to cross under safely.

Micro:bit Friendbot

Make a micro:bit robotic companion to react and express when meeting friends.

Build a Musical Instrument with Quirkbot

Rock out programming a simple instrument constructed with conductive materials and play music on the computer.

Ages 8+


Robotic Olympics

Create robotic athletes and celebrate diversity in an Olympic event!


Launch a projectile across the room with a Strawbees catapult.

Mechanical Claw

Make a 3 finger claw to grab objects from any direction moving a single straw.

Strawbees Global Challenge

This year's theme is to invent your own musical instrument, combining art, engineering and technology. Teachers & parents - submit your students and kids projects by August 14th 2021. There are some fantastic prizes to win for > 13.000 USD from Strawbees, and our partners Soundtrap by Spotify, Mussila and Jamstik!

🎸🥁🎵 #strawbeesglobalchallenge

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