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Strawbees, the Swedish creative toy startup were invited to create installations in four themed rooms at the Nobel Prize afterparty. Strawbees, being a creative toy for future innovators, was also a perfect giveaway for the 2500 attendees.

“We were of course both excited and humbled for getting invited to such a prestigious event, and it’s a sign that our products are highly innovative and much appreciated”, says Strawbees CEO, Erik Bergelin. Strawbees have recently launched their new educational products that brings play and curiosity into classrooms, and encourages learning by making. They will continue to launch more exciting and unique educational products in 2017.

“Even though our retail sales are increasing quickly, with distribution in 15+ countries, the educational sales is still about 70% of our sales, and that is a mix we would like to keep. Next year’s product, the Hovercraft kit, will be one of the most exciting and educational products out there”, continues Erik Bergelin.

The theme for the Nobel Prize after party was gaming, for which Strawbees was asked to decorate four differently themed rooms with their installations – a huge MockingJay for the Hunger Games room, stars and mushrooms for the Mario Cart room, a moving neon roof for the Arcade room and a Pokestop for the Pokemon room. The giveaways to the attendees were two different sets of Strawbees kits that inspire innovation.

”We believe our educational focus on STEAM education will really cement our brand as a toy for creative and informal learning. The agenda is simple; to make learning enjoyable by combining it with what they love – play.” says Erik Bergelin

— Strawbees is an award winning (Forbes, Make Magazine, Fast Company) creative construction toy with retail and educational sales in 15+ countries.